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GC Boyle Law Firm acknowledges that it is situated on the traditional territory of Chippewas of the Thames and Oneida of the Thames.

170 Queen Street East History

1901 – J. L Webster – Photography
1950s – Maurice Oliver – Photography
1960s – Kathy’s Flower Fashions
1970s – Mike’s Barber Shop
1988 – Total Electronics – Repair Shop
1989 – William J Galloway – Law Office
    -Amalgamation of building with 172 Queen Street East
2018 – GC Boyle Law Firm

172 Queen Street East History

Prior to 1940 – Whyte Packing Co.
1940s – Scott’s Meat Market
1959 – Ostler’s Meat Market
1978 – Heipel Meat Market
1979 – Cookson’s Meat Market
1986 – Ashley’s Fashions – Ladies Wear
1988 – William J Galloway – Law Office
    -Amalgamation of building with 170 Queen Street East
2018 – GC Boyle Law Firm


William J. Galloway began his practice at 172 Queen Street East in 1988. With the support of his wife Sylvia, William Galloway built his practice with the goal of providing sound legal advice and supporting the community. 
Gwendolen Boyle purchase the law firm on October 26, 2018. Under the name GC Boyle Law Firm, Gwendolen recruited staff to assist her in continuing the Galloway goal of providing sound legal advice and supporting the community. The rest is history.  

Queens st Bridge

Queen St. Bridge, built in 1865


Whyte Packing Co.

  • Environment – We are committed to the management of efficient, healthy, and safe buildings. When we use resources more efficiently, we are shrinking our environmental footprint, reducing costs, improving the competitiveness of the law firm, and creating value for the clients. 

    • We strive to reduce our carbon footprint

    • We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of the law firm by reducing the amount of energy that we use

    • We are committed to reducing the amount of waste that is generated by our firm, eliminate single-use plastics, eliminate bottled water, and increase the amount we recycle

  • Community – GC Boyle Law Firm strives to be an inclusive and accessible business while ensuring we are involved and contribute positively to our clients’ communities. Our firm is open to providing talks about the law in the community. GC Boyle Law Firm is also a proud supporter of the St. Mary's Lion’s Club. 

  • Animals – GC Boyle Law Firm is an animal-friendly practice and supports causes that assist with positive animal welfare. 

  • LGBT2Q – GC Boyle Law Firm is an open, affirming, and welcoming business of people of all sexual and gender identities. 

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